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Please contact Alan and Debbie Tees

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North West

Our regional day in November was ‘Prepare the Way of the Lord’ looking towards Advent – thinking of Christ’s birth, his presence in our lives through the Holy Spirit and looking to the horizon of his return and how that affects the way we live. We were ably led by Lena Wood and Julie Latham in two very different and enjoyable workshops.

Ingrid is now moving to the south west and at the AGM there was much discussion about how the region could continue and develop. We were thrilled, not only by Janet Booth’s offer to take on the role of regional coordinator, but also several others offering to help share the various tasks involved, including Sue Sutherland as Treasurer. We feel very blessed by their willingness to respond to God’s call.

If you live in the region, or are just visiting, we would love to see you. Please contact me for details of what’s on;
Janet Booth

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North East

Please contact

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Our vision is: Heart for CDFB Yorkshire Region

  • ENCOURAGE; through fellowship, sharing our lives, being transparent
  • EQUIPPING; through training
  • ENGAGING; through the arts into our communities
  • ENLARGE; through strong foundations which support growth
  • ENFORCE; through the victory we have
  • ENJOY; the journey through fellowship and diversity of the body of Christ

Please contact:

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Midlands West and Mid-Wales

Here are two interpretations of the UK Blessing Dance danced by two different groups from the Midlands-West Region.
The first is danced in front of Radford Semele Baptist Church, Leamington Spa by dancers: Nicky Enticknap, Ann Banning and Sally Bullock. Since Covid 19 lockdown was still in place at the time, the dancers used ribbons to not only maintain the 2m social distance between each other, but also as part of their choreographed worship.
The second is danced by Roots (some of whom have been dancing together since 2004) : Jan Jones, Jenny Knapp, Johanna Whitehouse, Lyn Alderson, Kaye Strauss and Maxine Knowles. In a beautiful outdoor setting, the Holy Spirit gently unified the dancers' movements as the song unfolded.
The soundtrack in both videos is sung by a collaboration of singers led by Tim Hughes, called the UK Blessing Song.

Regional Co-ordinator – Nicky Enticknap

Our region is looking forward to a new season of dancing in 2020 once the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted. We have a new Regional Co-ordinator – Nicky Enticknap – who lives in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, and we have Area Representatives in different parts of our region who are local contacts in their area.

Nicky hopes to encourage dancers in all corners of our region which extends from North and mid Wales to the West, Staffordshire to the North, Birmingham, Warwickshire (including Coventry) in the Southeast and across to Worcestershire. Please refer to the interactive map above. There are usually small groups that meet regularly to dance in some localities, as well as our organised regional dance days which are held in the Spring and Autumn. The venues for these vary in the region so as to try to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Nicky has a heart for dancing for our Lord and loves to dance with other Christian dancers around the country. She continues to be part of Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson’s team joining them on their residential weeks where she offers a variety of worship & movement workshops to the guests. Movement and dance are ways of worshipping which are often described as “freeing” and “expressive” so why not give it a try alone or with others!

Please contact Nicky in the first instance for more information about our region, and she will be able to link you up with local dancers in your area, if you are interested.

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Midlands East

Here in Midlands East, our desire is to come together in fellowship and worship, to glorify God's Name through the love of dance.
We are currently working this out through our colloquially-named 'Bus Stop Tours', where we can offer a choice of 90-minute workshops that are 'packed up and ready to go' anywhere in the region, wherever a church is willing to host and wants to encourage Christian dance in their area. Bus Stop Tours flyer

We also run Regional dance days, usually two or three times a year (Spring/Summer/Autumn), which are often hosted in the Derby/Nottingham/Leicester area (being easily accessible from the M1 corridor), but we would love to hold them further afield, if you're interested in hosting.

Please contact Jacqueline Haywood (Regional Coordinator) or Donna Stables (Deputy Coordinator) at if you live in our area, and/or would like more information about what we offer and how you can join in.

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Please contact Bona Gerrie (Ipswich)

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Devon & Cornwall

I love dancing, especially when it is Christian dance, so when we moved to Cornwall, I discovered there was no-one taking over the Devon and Cornwall region. I felt God say … step up! … so I am trying! We occasionally join in with the Bristol & West and South Wales region, as a lot of our members live in Devon.

We had the first workshop (that I organised) in Launceston, on Saturday 9th March 2019 and are now organising one for this end of Cornwall, (as I live in The Lizard – the most Southerly point of Great Britain) and so hoping to find more dancers, in Cornwall. So our second workshop is on Saturday 14th September, at The Engine House Church, Redruth; starting at 10.30am with refreshments and registration, finishing the day at 4.30pm.
Sue Wheeler

Devon & Cornwall: Please contact Sue Wheeler

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Bristol & West and South Wales

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Debby Ward

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Our vision for Mid-South Region

  • Our heart for this region is to support and encourage in Fellowship and Prayer, to all our members.
  • Encourage - We aim to be there for anyone who needs encouragement to be build up to be set free in dance with the Lord.
  • Support - We are here to support with our time and to offer our leadership or participation in workshops in their areas.
  • Fellowship - It is important that we fellowship together, this encourages and builds each of us.
  • Prayer - To be in prayer for all and for special needs.

Please contact Doreen Basar (Crawley)

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